Dr. Bray earned his BDS with a distinction in medicine at the London Hospital (UK) and following hospital positions, achieved his DDS at the University of Toronto (Canada).

He practiced in general dentistry in Northern Ontario, and moved with his family in 1984 to run his own practice and provide hospital services in Kelowna, B.C. 

In 2000, he turned over his practice to his partners, receiving a letter of appreciation and a service award from the Provincial College. He returned to part-time postgraduate education in the UK.

Travelling between the UK and US, he studied through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, writing extensively and practicing successfully in Harley Street (W. London) and his South coast dental practice in esthetic full mouth reconstruction with an emphasis on TMD, and facial pain management.

In 2003, he first provided Dental Expert Witness Opinion at Cambridge County Court (UK). He passed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Membership Exam (Glasgow) and the Royal College of Surgeons Membership Exam (Edinburgh).

He undertook advanced surgical training in Dental Implantology and achieved certification in Prosthodontics at Kings College University in London.

A Fellowship in Cranio-mandibular Orthopedics from the USA preceded a move to Tufts University in Boston Massachusetts for full time study in Orofacial Pain and Sleep Apnea Management, where he achieved his Fellowship.

Asked to stay on, he divided his time between instructorship at Tufts Dental School and further study at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

After 3 years he returned to the UK for a 2-year University of Glasgow Behavioral Sleep Medicine Diploma, remaining associated with the Royal Brompton and Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospitals in London.

With his wife, he returned home to Kelowna where working primarily with physicians, he provided a service limited to the management of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, TMD, and Chronic Facial Pain management.

As an expert witness, he has taken advanced courtroom training under Mr. Paul Garlic Q.C. and has courtroom experience.

With his wife, he returned to Kelowna, and volunteered his general dental skills to low-income families in the Kelowna area.

He practices in the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and TMD. He consults to other dentists.

Achieving licences in BC and AB he uses his knowledge, skill, and experience, to provides expert witness services, including consultation, paper reviews, court report writing to Trial attendance, from both locally and across Canada from BC to NS.

He is married (48 years) has two children and three grandchildren.

Client Testimonials

I have used Dr. Bray recently for a plaintiff personal injury file and found his report to be helpful in bringing that claim to a successful resolution. Dr. Bray was very accessible, his report was timely, and his account was reasonable. I would have no hesitation involving him on my files in the future.

J. Ab Estephan(Practicing as a Professional Law Corporation)

Doak Shirreff. Kelowna, BC.

Having known Dr. Bray for in-excess of 40 years I believe that I can endorse him for his abilities in both the dental and expert witness arenas. I have seen him work through “thick and thin” and with this edge, believe him to be an excellent resource. He is the expert to go to at times of stress, which can often be associated with legal cases.

Mr. George Harker JP.

Former magistrate Derby County Court.UK.

I was introduced to Dr. Stephen Bray through a mutual patient / client who suffered injuries in an “all too common” rear-ender collision. Her injuries included an injury to her jaw resulting in a chronic TMJ condition which was treated by Dr. Bray. I was very appreciative of the expert medical-legal opinions Dr. Bray provided in that case to assist in achieving fair, financial compensation for my client.

Paul Hergott

Hergott Law, Kelowna, BC.

Understanding that Dr. Bray provides forensic dental expert witness services, I was recently able to utilize his expertise in a personal injury file involving a client of mine. She had experienced injuries resulting in a TMJ condition. Dr. Bray provided a well-written, timely report that assisted in resolving the case. My client spoke highly of Dr. Bray too and I would not hesitate to use his Dental Expert Witness services in the future.

Robert Kwasnicki.

Kwasnicki Law. Personal injury attorney. Kelowna, BC.

Dr. Bray has provided work for me on a number of occasions. We have discussed these cases and I have found him to be well experienced with a strong knowledge base. His work was concise, timely and accurate and his fees very reasonable. I would whole-heartedly endorse Dr. Bray and his expert witness services in the field of dental negligence.

Mr. Dairn Shane

Preszler Law, Vancouver, BC.

Our firm is a Personal Injury focused firm on Vancouver Island with two practitioners. When a client presented with complex dental problems requiring an opinion with regard to causation and appropriate treatment, we turned to Dr. Stephen Bray. We found his ability to distill the dental diagnosis and prognosis into a useable and understandable report for help with our ongoing litigation to be exactly what we were looking for. We would be happy to use his services again and would recommend him for anyone needing an expert in the field of dentistry.

Mark Tinmouth

Bush & Company, Courtenay BC