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Do you have a client who has experienced an injury which was not their fault?

Are you a client who, with wants to know the clinical aspects of a claim?

Are you a dentist in need of impartial advice, against unreasonable claims?

There is an increasing need for expert advice in order to resolve the complex and often confusing legal issues facing us today.

The need is for accurate, impartial and easy to understand opinion and advice based on fact. In the resolution of today’s disputes, accurate reporting of the facts based on accurate knowledge and experience often decreases the time and the costs incurred.,

Within British Columbia Dental Expert Witness Services, Dr. Bray offers the services of an Independent Expert Witness in dental matters. His work includes clinical assessments, reports and attendance at courts and hearings. He has been receiving instructions from solicitors in dento-legal matters for over 15 years.

Dr. Stephen Bray

Internationally trained, and having experienced many of the issues himself, Dr. Bray offers personable Expert Witness Services and advice across British Columbia on behalf of lawyers. With reasonable fees that ensure that benefits outweigh costs, it makes good sense to know what you’re doing, before you do it.

With over 40 years in dentistry and nearly 20 years experience in dento-legal matters, Dr. Bray offers the services of an Independent Expert Witness in dental matters. his work includes clinical assessments, desktop and full forensic reports, support and resource, and the availability of attendance at courts and hearings.


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