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I find it frustrating when ignorance reigns. Looking back on my life this far, I’ve been wrong many, many times, yet I’ve made an honest effort to correct my comprehension or knowledge base for myself and for the benefit of my patients, clients, friends and family. I believe that as ‘professionals’, we owe this to those we serve in life. I’d like to feel that this crosses the professions, I don’t expect a lawyer to understand complex aspects of dentistry, nor do I expect to understand the same in law. Some basic knowledge is beneficial as I’ve said, but there comes a time when we can’t know enough -then its a matter of referring to someone who can continue where we left off. A ‘seamless’ transition for those served, to serve them better. This service is that which as professionals, we should develop and perfect for our clients and patients – I’d prefer to avoid the ‘modern’ terms, “end-users” or “stake-holders”! The public should be aware of this and demand this level of care or service when it is available, practical or possible to do so.

I believe that one of the biggest dangers in life are not those who don’t know, but those who don’t know that they don’t know. Clearly the first has insight, yet at that, time the second doesn’t and for whom change of further knowledge is simply not necessary, regardless of how truly ignorant (unknowing) they are.

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