Personal Injury

Personal injuries (PI) come in many forms;

MVA and Bicycle related dental injuries.

MVA and Bicycle related injuries. Dental, oral, facial, jaw and jaw joint (TMJ) type. Whiplash type injuries are often associated with TMJ injuries as they are anatomically connected.

Work related dental, jaw or oral injuries

Work related dental, jaw or oral injuries. Trip, slip or fall related injuries. The head is vulnerable due to it’s prominence, the face as it’s forward looking and the jaws due to their two piece relationship and anatomical connections to the adjacent organs and systems

Sports and leisure related injuries

Sports and leisure related injuries. Helmets, mouth guards and other protective devices are factors although there may be mitigating or note worthy circumstance.

Other circumstances

Other issues where a dental opinion may be of value include, assault, airline injuries, food (foreign body) related injuries, care suppression, withholding or denial.