Dental Office or Personal Embezzlement

Dentists are usually busy, many don’t particularly like the financial details of running a practice, and are often nice people who would rather trust than distrust. The perfect storm.

If you are concerned that this might be happening to you, drop me a line or call in confidence, David at –

As with all above, I know my limitations too, but can give advice and guide you to people I trust who have better knowledge when its outside my level of expertise. Alas, embezzlement is part of the picture in any business, and dentistry is no different.

This can be a difficult time, financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all approach and you need to remember that while there may have been issues which made it less difficult for an employee or partner to embezzle you, no one “asks for it”, you are a victim and need the support and advice necessary to deal with damage limitation and support both in resolution and further prevention.

I know – I’ve been there. Trusting someone only to find they’ve been “skimming” is terribly hurtful, while discovering an enormous, complex and very cleverly concocted plan involving embezzling banks and leasing companies as well as the other partner, eventually costing many hundreds of thousands with serious financial and social complications may seem extremes – but I’ve seen both.