Do you believe that you been hurt or your oral health damaged as a result of poor or negligent treatment. Have you been unable to resolve the problem or are concerned about either the costs associated with fixing what’s happened or possible costs later than you are not aware of?

If so you may have a legitimate case to pursue. While many dentists do the best they can, some may simply have done an inadequate or poor job. Some may have been negligent for other reasons. Feelings run high sometimes and being angry at something that didn’t work out, doesn’t provide a strong case to take further.

The dentist must have been negligent – in order to have a mistake or negligent treatment repaired, how can you prove that?

Do you have a case?

Before you spend money check out the case, whether you’re a client seeking help from a lawyer or a lawyer who wants a factual appraisal of a clinical situation an inexpensie opinion usually helps put the situation into perspective.

If you are wronged – is it worth pursuing? Why spend money on something you know won’t work – but equally, If you are genuinely wronged why not demand what will.

A desktop report is a short inexpensive independent opinion which can be prepared in order to determine whether your present case have adequate foundation for advancement.

It can advise on further evidence in planning forward. Including any scientific basis.

So-often in the the assessment of a a larger injury, little weight is placed on resultant dental/oral/jaw injuries. Such omission can cost the case and the patient dearly in immediate compensation, pain and suffering as well as loss of function and future costs too.

If the Desk Top report shows the case has merit and and foundation, a full report can strengthen a case, as well as providing the required treatment required and its’ quantum.

This is true of both Personal Injury cases (car accidents, trip and fall, etc.)

Areas of expertise include;

Negligence, Personal Injury, Dental practice or personal embezzlement, Clinical causation & Quantum.

Dental practice is changing dramatically in BC as patient’s expectations increase, dental techniques, technologies and new approaches grow almost exponentially while outside influences such as corporate dentistry, often with ‘performance expectations’ and commercial concerns constantly test the market.

Aware of just some of these, The College of Dental Surgeons of BC are reassessing quality control throughout the province. BC Dental Association members are now being encouraged to purchase extra Insurance for legal coverage, advice, representation relating to college complaints, investigations, discipline or appeals. 

It works both way, dentistry is a difficult and exacting science, covering a practical evidence based discipline, art and business, not always an easy triad to juggle. Problems are not always the dentists fault.

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