21-year-old Miss Y from Manchester, UK, left without her front tooth after poor treatment from local dentists
X-rays revealed that the dentists should have extracted the tooth in 2012 but they did not refer her to have the tooth removed until 2016
Miss Y was forced to take out a loan to pay for dental treatment that was inadequate.

(UK Case)

Miss Y, a 21-year-old student from Manchester, has won £15,000 in compensation from her local dentists with the help of specialist dental negligence solicitors, the Dental Law Partnership. The dentists’ failure to restore her chipped front tooth and fit an effective crown over a 10 year period led to its eventual extraction and Miss Y requiring further treatment. £15,000 received in compensation.

Miss Y had seen three dentists at a Dental Practice in Stockport for regular check-ups since she was a child. She and her parents had trusted the dentists and never thought there was anything to worry about.

“I’d been a patient at the practice for as long as I can remember,” Miss Y recalls. “As a child I was never really afraid of the dentist.”

But problems began in July 2005 when she was only nine years old. Her parents took her to see Dr X because she had fallen over and chipped her tooth. Dr X undertook restorative work on the tooth in an attempt to resolve the problem.

“I can still remember it clearly,” Miss Y said. “It was really painful, but I was relieved when he said he could restore the tooth.”

However, the following year Miss McLean saw Dr X on numerous occasions, complaining of pain and sensitivity at the tooth. The dentist ended up performing root canal treatment, but Miss Y was back in the dentist’s chair just six months later because the tooth had fractured.

A crown was fitted at the tooth, but between 2008 and 2015, Miss Y saw all three dentists on more than one occasion because the crown kept falling out. In total she had the crown refitted seven times in seven years. It seemed that every time she visited the dentist she either had the crown replaced or temporarily restored.

“As a young girl I found the constant back and forth to the dentist very upsetting – At one point I was going to see the dentist three times a week and that, combined with the pain and infections I was suffering from, meant I had to take a lot of time off school.”

In July 2015, she saw another dentist after her crown had fallen out yet again. This time the dentist referred her to hospital for a second opinion, and she was finally told that the tooth was so badly damaged it needed to be extracted. To make matters worse, she was told that the tooth next to it needed root canal treatment as well.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Miss Y said. “I’d spent so much time going back and forth to the dentist trying to get my tooth fixed and it was all for nothing. Had we known that the tooth was in such a poor state, it could have been removed and I could have had an implant fitted years before. It would have resolved the problem and saved me the embarrassment of having a chipped tooth through most of my childhood.”

The ordeal caused Miss McLean endless pain, sensitivity and infections for nearly 10 years. As a result, she has lost her front tooth and is waiting to have an implant fitted..

In addition, X-rays in 2012 clearly showed evidence of chronic inflammation and infection around the tooth, meaning it should have been extracted immediately. However, the dentist did not take this course of action, and instead the tooth was left to cause Miss Y pain for a further four years.

“The most stressful part for me was losing my confidence,” she explained. “For years I hated smiling or having my picture taken. It’s put a huge financial strain on me too. To pay for my treatment, I’ve had to borrow a lot of money from my best friend on top of taking out a bank loan. And to think I was paying for treatment that wasn’t even being done properly is soul destroying. The whole ordeal has just left me feeling depressed.”

It was claimed that If the dentists had provided the proper treatment in the first place, all the problems she experienced could have been avoided. She and her legal counsel settled out of court for a sum adequate to repair the damage and in some way to compensate her for what she’d experienced over those years.

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