How do I get this service?

Dental Expert Witness Services provide just that. A professional, friendly, honest and cost effective service to lay-out the relevant facts.

This makes the jobs of those around them easier. The job of the DEW is to provide honest expert testimony. This may highlight issues otherwise overlooked, or support scientifically those claimed which are of value to a lawyer or the courts.

The client has only one opportunity to claim for their accident and consequently must use the legal system to obtain a fair and equitable compensation. Awareness of facts is crucial in doing so.

Dental Expert Witness Services provide facts and evidence in comprehensive, yet understandable way. They must always be impartial. A DEW can be retained by either side (not the same DEW) and assists doesn’t advocate. Where appropriate this is the lawyer’s domain.

The use of proof of fact, be that in the form of graphs, test results and/or scientific evidence is mandatory in these days of ‘limiting’ the claimant’s rights.

If you feel that from a head and neck standpoint there is more than has been discussed, ask your lawyer for his opinion of retaining an expert in this field to reinforce the facts of the case.

Dr. Bray offers the services of an Independent Expert Witness in dental matters. His work includes clinical assessments, reports and attendance at courts and hearings. He has been a practicing dentist since 1978 and receiving instructions from solicitors in dento-legal matters for over 15 years.