Do you have a case worth pursuing? Seek the right instrument for the job at hand.

What to request… ​ DEW Forensic “Desk-top“ report. 

A short independent opinion prepared in order to assist in your decision as to whether your present case has adequate foundation for advancement may have potential cost benefits for both client and legal counsel. It will also advise the scientific basis of a plan forward if choosing to proceed.


So-often in the the assessment of an injury, little credence is placed on resultant injuries to the head/jaw relationship. Such omission can cost the case and the patient greatly in immediate compensation, pain and suffering as well as loss of function and future costs.


If you have a case…  a “Detailed report”, may be ordered. 

If required or seen to be beneficial moving on toward predictive testing following a full report  can strengthen a case, required treatment and quantum.

Predictive forensic testing

The ability to foresee the likelihood of success in treatment proposed to rectify or manage injuries sustained can clearly be invaluable. Such predictive testing may alone prove not only the merits of the case, but also the probable means of best correction, this may comprehensively and cohesively ‘make the case’.


Personal Injury Causes & Quantum, specifically

–  Road Traffic Accidents, MVA, bicycle (Personal Injury)

–  TMJ Dysfunction and jaw joint injuries,

– Whiplash type Injuries

– Work Related Injuries

– Falling/Tripping/Slipping Accidents

– Dental Sleep Medicine (the dental management of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, tooth grinding and their results)

– General clinical dentistry

– Dental Negligence

– Dental Competence

– Sports/Leisure Injuries

– Others including; Assault, airline injuries, food related (foreign object) dental damage.